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How to grow Pumpkins

Growing Pumpkins

Growing Pumpkins Pumpkins are winter squashes that were first cultivated by native American peoples, who removed the flesh, dried the fruits and sliced their bodies in half to use as bowls. They also ate pumpkin seeds to kill intestinal worms. Rambling through the autumn garden, these natural sculptures will bring …

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How to grow Cauliflower


Growing Cauliflower Intro Cauliflowers can be a tricky vegetable to grow well, because they are very finicky about soil, light, water and space. Their heads (actually called curds) have a tendency to bolt or go discoloured if everything is not just right. But home-grown cauliflower has a quality that you …

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How to Grow Turnips


Growing Turnips Intro Turnips are brassicas that are related to mustard and radishes. They are full of vitamin K and beta-carotene, and can be grown for both their roots and their greens. Roots are fabulous roasted in goose fat or boiled up with black pepper and served with meat, they …

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How to Grow Spring Onions

Spring Onion and Tomatoes

Growing Spring Onions Intro Spring onions or scallions, whatever you want to call them, they are one of the nation’s best-loved alliums. If you are a keen cook, then it is always great to have a patch so you can pull them when needed and even as a substitute for …

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How to Grow Pak Choi

Pak Choi

Growing Pak Choi Intro Pak choi is that scrumptious Chinese cabbage you find in healthy stir fries and salads. Steam it, fry it, or eat it raw, drenched in yummy soy sauce. You can even whisk it up into a healthy super shake with your juicer. These leafy greens are …

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Indoor Herb Garden

Herbs to Grow in the Kitchen It is amazing to see people using jars of dried herbs from the supermarket and wondering why their food remains bland. Most herbs bought from the supermarket contain a lot of rubbish. The companies that make them will dump anything into the shredder to …

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Growing Sunflowers


HOW TO GROW SUNFLOWERS We all are used to flowers that are used for solely aesthetic purposes. Flowers make great decors plus they are widely bestowed during different celebrations such as birthdays and weddings. However, there is one flower which not only looks interesting but also produces valuable and healthy …

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Growing Radishes

Radish Harvest

How to Grow Radishes The bright pink radish is one of the most attractive looking vegetables you could imagine. So alluring that Peter Rabbit was willing to risk life and limb in an attempt to steal them from Mr McGregor’s garden. Radishes belong to the brassica family and are also …

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