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In the Garden

How to Build a Raised Bed

Riased bed image

You have a lot of options, when it comes to building a raised bed, not only in terms of construction material, but also size and shape. The most common options for materials are: Railway sleepers: These can be found on classified listings websites and generally sell for around £15 each, …

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Starting a Herb Garden

Herb Garden

Every garden should have an herb patch. Preferably spreading a number of herbs around the place would be more beneficial. Some herbs, such as basil, complement other fruit and vegetables like tomatoes. Others such as lavender and citronella are perfect for sunny patio doorways to add a summer’s evening aroma …

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Growing Tomatoes from Seed

Tomato Plant Photo

You can never have too many tomatoes. If you don’t get round to eating all your crop from fresh off the vine, there is always tomato sauce to be made. I don’t mean trying to perfect your own ketchup but, a busy well organised kitchen should always be thankful of …

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How to Grow Chillies from Seeds

Chili Plant Featured image

How to Grow Chillies from Seeds Chillies can be grown in less than sub-tropical climates such as Northern Britain (Honest!). They are robust and hardy and can reasonably tolerate water and drought. They even provide bodyguard services for many other plants, especially your tomato crop. You could say they are …

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Batman and Robin – Your Pest Controlling Superheroes

Round Robin The first sightings of our red-breasted feathered friend usually fills us with a crisp picture of the inevitable frosts and snows, as we brave ourselves for the oncoming hardships.  This busy little bird always creates a fine figure, puffing his majestic chest amid the white winter backdrop, and …

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December Diary

Frozen Berries

Cold, bleak, damp and foggy. No, not the names of four of Santa’s reindeer, but a quick look out of most UK back windows paints a less than encouraging picture. This time of year may seem more suited to musicians and poets but, without a blizzard setting in, the veg …

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