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How to grow Pumpkins

Growing Pumpkins

Growing Pumpkins Pumpkins are winter squashes that were first cultivated by native American peoples, who removed the flesh, dried the fruits and sliced their bodies in half to use as bowls. They also ate pumpkin seeds to kill intestinal worms. Rambling through the autumn garden, these natural sculptures will bring …

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Growing Fruit Trees

Fruiting Plum Tree

Fruit Trees There is nothing like wandering down to your own little orchard on lazy late summer days. Watching your own fruits swell and turn dark in colour before you pluck them from the tree is one of gardening’s true pleasures. Here are some things to consider when planning to …

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Edible Perennials

Picked Blackberry

It is morning and warm shafts of light pierce the kitchen windows. The cat lounges where they fall, birds are out in song and snowdrops nod approvingly. Your soul lifts as you realize that finally the first days of spring are upon us. While drinking your morning brew your head …

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Growing Strawberries

Strawberry Plant Fruiting

Strawberry Fields Forever Strawberries! Where would we be without ravishingly red strawberries, especially while looking at a cold leaden winter sky? Their little, plump, juicy bodies cry out saying ‘shove as many in your mouth as you can’. Personally I don’t think summer has started until you’ve eaten your first …

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